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The importance of sending geographically relevant alerts with your mass notification system

People_-MapOne of the biggest misconceptions about using a mass notification system has to do with where alerts should be sent. Alerts don’t always have to be sent citywide, countywide or even statewide.

At Emergency Communications Network (ECN), we give you the ability to send notifications to an entire area, or even a small neighborhood. Sending these geographically relevant notifications will keep organizations from crying wolf and a positive perception about mass notification use with your residents and your users.

If a large notification was sent out to all residents of a community about something that only impacts a small area, your residents who do not live in the relevant area are more likely to ignore future alerts or warnings, even though they may be in the affected area.

Sending alerts to a smaller area may increase your usage, and residents are more likely to respond positively to the alerts. Examples of smaller area alerts can be messages involving a spotted neighborhood intruder, a neighborhood power outage, water main breaks or neighborhood street closures.

As your residents start to see more relevant and helpful alerts, you will start to see more CodeRED Mobile Alert app downloads and sign-ups for your community. Remember residents expect to be notified about emergencies in their area, so urge them to register on your community’s website.