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The Napa Earthquake

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In the early hours of August 24, 2014, an otherwise relatively quiet Sunday morning erupted into chaos for the residents of Napa, California. It was precisely here that the largest earthquake to strike the region in over 25 years occurred, shaking people from their beds and wreaking havoc on the area.

The 6.0 magnitude earthquake took no mercy, injuring more than 150 people and damaging countless homes and historic buildings, including many of the area’s most popular wineries.

Besides the destruction caused by the earthquake, the six fires that started as a result of the quake left significant damage as well.

After a thorough analysis of the disaster zone, California’s Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in order to help with the recovery in the area. The Governor has called for state agencies to respond with additional equipment and personnel in the town.

The San Francisco Bay area has not seen an earthquake of this power since 1989’s infamous 6.9 magnitude earthquake of Loma Prieta that killed 63 people and collapsed major thoroughfares and infrastructures.

The aftermath of yesterday’s powerful earthquake has not only had a great impact on the City of Napa, but has shaken the community to its very core. And, rightly so.

On behalf of the Send Word Now team, our thoughts are with the people of Napa, as well as those who are working diligently to provide aid and begin the cleanup and rebuilding of the area. _