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Things You Didn’t Know Your Emergency Notification System Could Do: Internet Protocol (IP) Mobile Recipient Alerts

In our latest blog series, we are highlighting a variety of things you perhaps didn’t realize your emergency notification system could do to support your organization’s readiness, response and resilience. Thus far, we’ve covered Alert Escalations, Self-Registration, Inbound Message Board, Integration, and Desktop Alerting. This post’s topic: the greater flexibility and lower costs of Internet Protocol (IP) mobile alerts.

If you use phone calls and text messages as part of your emergency communications platform, then you have likely felt at least some of these pains:

• Your phone service is limited or unavailable during emergencies

• You rely on third-party phone lines or SMS aggregators and gateways to successfully transmit your message, but notifications may not always reach intended recipients or are broken in multiple segments.

• Your budget is drained from high phone bills with variable international communication fees.

• You sent an SMS text message to someone overseas but had no way of determining if it was delivered or potentially censored.

• You have to pay per SMS message sent, and given the fact that messages may cost between $0.03 and $0.12 each, your large, multinational organization is hesitant to use your emergency notification service to its fullest extent in order to avoid the high fees.

• You want to add font and color formatting, and an official company logo to your text messages for better recipient comprehension, but that is not an option with SMS.

• You’d like to send important documents to recipients, but there is no way to ensure their security or manage version control.

These limitations have plagued business continuity/disaster recovery professionals for many years. No doubt, phone calls and text messages hold a key place in an organization’s overall emergency notification strategy. However, there is a new alternative to traditional phone calls and SMS text messages that utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) networking end to end for the quick, secure delivery of voice and text messages to recipient mobile devices anywhere in the world.

SWN Direct, Send Word Now’s latest groundbreaking mobile app for alert recipients, is end-to-end IP. It allows users to know who is available before a notification is sent, avoids third-party phone networks and SMS aggregators, provides for customization of text messages with fonts and logos, offers a secure document lockbox and offers fully integrated voice and call conferencing services via SIP/RTP over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

This encrypted, IP end-to-end approach means you will have greater security and a lower total cost of ownership by reducing variable usage fees from domestic and international carriers.

To help keep your company connected both in emergencies and every day, explore the new SWN Direct mobile app and reduce the headaches of traditional phone and text notifications.