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Things You Didn’t Know Your Emergency Notification System Could Do: Systems Integration

4 Minute Read

In our latest blog series, we are highlighting a variety of things you perhaps didn’t realize your emergency notification system could do to support your organization’s readiness, response and resilience. We have covered Alert Escalations, Self-Registration, and Inbound Message Board. This post’s topic: Systems Integration.

As a business continuity professional, you know your work touches every aspect of your company. From HR to security to IT to operations.

That’s why implementing an emergency notification system can at first seem daunting. There are many moving parts.

• At a large company with high turnover, how do you keep up with all of the human resources changes happening in your databases?

• When multiple facilities are involved, how do you tie in alarm systems, digital displays or alert beacons throughout numerous locations?

• From a crisis response perspective, how do you enhance your business continuity planning tool’s capabilities with notification technology?

There is good news. Emergency notification technology may be more adaptable than you realize. Did you know that notification solutions can easily integrate with your existing technology?

Such feats are possible thanks to something known as an Application Programming Interface or API. An API is a set of instructions and standards for accessing the capabilities of web-based software applications. Software developers create highly secure “gateways” into the functions of their products and publish instructions on how other software developers can tap into them. These instructions make it possible for two applications built by different parties to come together seamlessly.

How does this benefit the typical resiliency manager? For starters, you don’t need to maintain two separate databases of contact information. You can integrate directly with your current HR system and eliminate the hassle of constantly gathering and modifying information.

You can also integrate with other critical business systems ranging from physical security to network monitoring to manufacturing systems. Add powerful and flexible notification capabilities to these applications, controlling a myriad of communication devices from one place to save time in critical situations.

If you want to avoid maintaining multiple databases or want to enhance current business systems with alerting capabilities, look for an emergency notification service that provides integration with the tools and systems that your company is already using!