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Three ways SmartNotice can serve any business

SmartNotice is a custom communication platform that aims to keep employees informed, safe and up-to-date on both routine and critical information. The SmartNotice solution operates on the same robust platform that runs the CodeRED emergency notification system, used by thousands of agencies in cities and counties all over the country and in Canada to keep citizens safe.
SmartNotice is a platform that was created based on the needs of private businesses. The system is currently operated in a variety of fields, such as medical, nonprofit, technology and membership organizations, but it can be customized to meet the needs of any business environment. Here is what SmartNotice has to offer:

1.       Improved company disaster recovery plan

SmartNotice is an integral part of any business’s disaster recovery plan. SmartNotice will distribute time-sensitive crisis information to staff and stakeholders. The SmartNotice system has the capability to disseminate information via e-mail, text message and phone call and in just a few easy steps; it is more thorough than an e-mail listserv.

2.       Increased efficiency of day-to-day operations

Businesses need a notification solution for the dissemination of general information. For example, a company could schedule a general call each month to remind employees to return expense forms. This type of fast, targeted communication will improve the fluidity of business operations and increase office efficiency.

3.       Confirmation of received notifications

SmartNotice’s ability to deliver phone messages is a valuable feature because it provides a way to monitor message connectivity. The service allows administrators to know whether a phone call was answered by an answering machine or a live person and provides insight to the call length so administrators can determine if the message was heard in its entirety. At the end of the message, a tagline can be included to ask the person to respond by pressing a key to confirm the message was received. When taglines are used during a critical situation, emergency response is improved because the message recipient presses a key for immediate assistance.
SmartNotice is a reliable service that can seamlessly get information out to a large number of people, regardless of location. It provides the type of connectivity essential for day-to-day business functions, and it can be especially vital in times of crisis.