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Three ways to use mass notification software

Three applesIf you’re like most people responsible for getting messages out fast, when you think mass notification, you think disaster! Earthquake. Hurricane. Fire.

But mass notification software doesn’t have to be just about keeping the lights on when all around is chaos. Here are three ways to get the most from your notification system—and only one of them looks like a blockbuster movie.

Emergency notification

Yes, notification software is tailor-made for emergencies. When disaster strikes—natural or otherwise—reliable, quick communication can keep things under control before hysteria sets in.

A reliable and full-featured notification system can help you make quick decisions when a crisis hits. Whether you need to alert local residents via multiple channels, or coordinate first responders in a desperate attempt to save lives, seconds count—and mass notification can buy you precious time.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Mass notification is often a key part of business continuity planning. When day-to-day operations are interrupted, quick action can be the difference between getting back to normal and going out of business.

For everything from a power outage to a strike, with a notification system you’ll be well prepared to keep in touch—by phone, SMS, email, pager, instant messaging and more—when the unthinkable happens.

Day-to-day business updates

To say we live in a fast-paced world is an understatement. And in business, even two extra minutes can mean missed opportunity.

Mass notification lets you message almost any group of people at once—with an immediate audit trail—and receive up-to-the-minute, individual responses. That kind of instant feedback can be invaluable when dealing with weather disruptions, supply chain fluctuations, product recalls and more.

How will you use your mass notification software?

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