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Use of mobile technology in emergency notification systems

emergency notification systemMobile technology is vastly becoming a growing trend, not only in today’s society but leading into the future as well. Studies show that 90% of adults in the U.S. own a cellphone, with 64% of those being smartphones and an additional 42% own a mobile tablet of some kind. Smartphone users are highly dependent on these communication tools, which for many is a large part of their day to day lifeline, to the extent approximately 44% of smartphone users sleep with the phone on the nightstand beside them.

It is more evidence that a community’s mass emergency notification system should include the capability to deliver messages to these devices. Your CodeRED emergency notification system provides you a magnitude of delivery methods to reach smartphone users in your community. The obvious ones of course are voice calling, texting and emails.  However, during your emergent need to notify your residents, don’t overlook or omit the use of other message delivery modes that will reach smartphones as well, such as social media, IPAWS and the CodeRED Mobile Alert App. Important to note is all of these delivery modes can be launched simultaneously and in one seamless effort within your CodeRED system. So, why not take advantage of all of them?

Many of our clients are just beginning to recognize the outreach effectiveness of the CodeRED Mobile Alert app in their notification campaigns. Every Community CodeRED Notification System includes the ability to launch the mobile app within their geographical area of responsibility. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app has no restriction on the type of incident that it can be used for. General and Emergency messages can be conveyed to the public through the mobile app. The free CodeRED Mobile Alert app is available for download on Android and iOS devices through Google Play and App Store.

We highly suggest you promote downloading the CodeRED Mobile Alert app to your residents as a redundant way for them to receive your emergency notifications. This concept is not only effective to notify your residents, but it will also notify any visitors or transient motorists traveling through your defined threat area that has the app on their device.

Users with the CodeRED Mobile Alert app on their device are capable of receiving alerts in any jurisdiction using the CodeRED emergency notification system. The device is alerted when the physical GPS location of the unit is within the threat defined area. Protecting residents is our number one concern, which is why we have developed this product which is a very effective alerting tool nationwide.

Remember, in a matter of life and death, the most successful notification plan will include using every delivery mode possible to connect with everyone that you can. Each mode has certain effectiveness, which is why you should use them all to ensure life safety is accomplished.

To learn more about your ability to notify through the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, please contact our Sales or Technical Support Team at 866-939-0911, or request assistance through this website. Our Marketing Team is also available to assist clients with CodeRED marketing materials and ideas for promoting your CodeRED emergency notification system and more specifically the Mobile Alert App.