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Using CodeRED for your community

 emergency notification systemNatural disasters do not adhere to a schedule—they can strike at any place and any time, and there are no regions in the world impervious to catastrophes. This means that no matter what you and your community do, you cannot control natural disasters and the physical impact they have on your district. This means we must do the best we can to keep our residents and neighboring districts safe and prepared for what may come.

Here in Florida, Brevard County has the right idea. Brevard County and its municipalities are creating a long-term strategy to help reduce the community’s vulnerability to natural disasters, strengthening the county’s preparedness over time. Many jurisdictions have already adopted the plan, which has been dubbed the Local Mitigation Strategy, and its purpose is not only to identify potential hazards or natural disasters in the regions, but also to help with initiating mitigation projects and alleviating costs of repairs. The plan, which will require review and approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), would also allow for Brevard County to access federal funding during a natural disaster.

It is imperative that your community tries to lessen the impact of any disaster it may experience, and there are many ways to do it. Having an emergency notification system like CodeRED instills preparedness on different levels, all the way from large municipalities or organizations right down to its residents. Assisting businesses in notifying residents of possible and imminent dangers, CodeRED has proved its role in making a difference.

If you’re building a disaster readiness plan for your region or community and would like to know more about CodeRED, don’t hesitate to call Emergency Communications Network at (866)-939-0911 to see how our emergency notification systems can keep residents informed and save lives.