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Watchful citizen helps police nab suspects following CodeRED call

Recently, areas surrounding the Village of Olympia Fields, IL were affected by a series of burglaries. While monitoring these criminal activities, the Village of Olympia Fields Police Department also became aware of several burglaries within their community. Police Chief Jeff Chudwin made the decision to utilize the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to make residents aware of the situation.

One observant citizen who received the call played a part in the arrest of the burglary suspects. After taking them into custody, the Police Chief launched another CodeRED notification to give residents an update and share the success. You’ll find the actual call recording and message below:

“This is Chief Jeff Chudwin of the Olympia Fields Police Deptartment with an important public safety update; yesterday a local resident was listening on his telephone to the CodeRED burglary warning sent minutes earlier and saw a suspicious blue vehicle. This person later said the CodeRED message warned about a blue van and as this was a blue vehicle it drew his attention. The caller then observed a team of four burglars kick in the door of a home and immediately called 911. Because of the prompt call, our officers arrived as the offenders attempted to escape in their vehicle but were blocked in and taken into custody. This is exactly the cooperative effort we envisioned in the use of the CodeRED notification system. These are not the only burglars in our area but this is a big step forward in ridding our community of these criminals. When you see anything that does not look right, CALL 911. A big thank you to this responsible citizen for his vigilance and our continued request to you for your assistance and cooperation.”

After catching the burglary suspects, Chief Chudwin shared this about CodeRED, “We researched other mass notification providers and decided on CodeRED. This is a very quick system and gives us even more eyes and ears in the community. CodeRED facilitates back-and-forth communication between residents and the police department.”

Records Manager for the Village of Olympia Fields Police Department, Joyce Rambo, made these comments about CodeRED,“The public is so excited about this communication tool. We’ve received so many positive compliments and numerous calls asking how to sign up for alerts. It helps us increase awareness and quickly share information with residents.”