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CodeRED Weather Warning calls over 165,000 residents

Dozens of deadly tornadoes weaved a path of destruction through the Deep South last weekend. From 7am Saturday April 24th through 7am Sunday April 25th, the NOAA Storm Prediction Center counted 69 tornado reports. A single monster tornado created damage that measured 150 miles long and was responsible for 10 deaths in Mississippi. But before tornadoes left their wide swath of damage in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, CodeRed Weather Warning called  residents who were in the projected path of the severe weather.

And even as far east as Floyd County, Georgia, where severe thunderstorms roared through the area, CodeRED Weather Warning made 10,616 calls early Sunday morning.

“The CodeRED Weather Warning alerts were delivered early Sunday morning and were followed over the next few days with  only positive feedback. Many people called to simply say ’thank you’, letting us know the service was very helpful and allowed them to take cover,” said Floyd County EMA Director Scotty Hancock. “Since the severe weather we’ve had more than 200 additional residents register to receive weather warning alerts,” Hancock said.

CodeRED Weather Warning is a unique service that automatically sends telephone messages to citizens in the path of severe weather. When severe weather threatens, citizens will be protected by automatic notifications from CodeRED Weather Warning. Developed on the same robust calling network infrastructure as the CodeRED solution, CodeRED Weather Warning taps into the National Weather Service’s Storm Based Warnings to generate its geographically targeted notifications.

Warnings are automatically initiated through proprietary computer algorithms, so no impact is placed on your internal resources. Within moments of the warning being issued, information is delivered to citizens, providing them with precious extra time to prepare.