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West Coast of Canada Recovers from 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake

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On Saturday night, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck just off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, triggering Tsunami warnings throughout the region and even as far away as Hawaii. The earthquake, which was the strongest to strike Canada in over 60 years, caused some power outages. Thankfully, no major damages have been reported.

The quake did raise some concerns about the region’s emergency readiness, however. According to CBC News, Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver, said that while the city has invested heavily in emergency preparedness programs and infrastructure, businesses and individuals must also make their own preparations. “A real focus needs to happen for residents and businesses to prepare for the big one. This was definitely a wake-up call for everyone across Vancouver that we need to be ready for the big one,” he said.

In Hawaii
, Governor Abercrombie declared a state of emergency in response to tsunami warnings triggered by the tremors. Though the waves that arrived across the Pacific were minimal, sirens could be heard throughout the islands over the weekend while tourists and residents moved away from the coast.

While residents in British Columbia continue to feel aftershocks from this weekend’s earthquake, communities across the eastern seaboard of the United States are getting slammed by heavy wind, rain, and flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. For many companies with operations across North America, this week may prove particularly challenging as emergency managers compete for resources between the west coast and east coast events.

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