Emergency Notification System

In an emergency, plan and communicate with confidence.

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One Call Now Provides Two-Way Emergency Communication

Emergency Notification and Emergency Communication is the difference between one-way versus two-way messaging and understanding which your organization requires is critical in an emergency or disaster recovery situation. One-way emergency notification occurs when an organization sends out a message. An example of an emergency notification is a parent receiving a message that school is closed for inclement weather. Two-way emergency communication occurs when an organization sends out a message and the recipients may respond. This creates a 360° view of the emergency, allowing the sender to adjust their emergency response plan based on real-time feedback. An example of this is a resident receiving a message that there is a local power outage, with prompts to reply indicating whether their service has been interrupted or not. With One Call Now you can send one-way notifications or two-way communications, all with one system.

Reliable Emergency Mass Notification System When It Counts The Most

In a crisis, communication is only as good as its delivery speed. That’s why thousands of organizations use One Call Now to send messages instantly during emergencies. And with a 100% uptime guarantee, our emergency notification system is the most reliable in the industry.

Our Guarantee

You can rely on One Call Now’s industry-leading service to make your message heard every time.  We deliver reliability and top-quality service during times of crisis.

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