Streamline Critical Event Management and Ensure Business Continuity

Use enterprise messaging automation solutions to optimize and automate repeatable messaging processes

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Robust options for orchestrating communications for businesses

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rely on your IT infrastructure to run smoothly at all times? While breakdowns and interruptions do occur, you can reduce the time to repair by using automated notification with OnSolve to alert key personnel when issues arise like, building alerts, severe weather, IT, Computer Aided Dispatch and more.

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Use workflow logic with messaging integration software

Minimize downtime with workflow notification solutions
Automatically alert IT staff to critical issues and reduce the time it takes for them to respond.
Contact the right people
Identify who should be contacted, how to reach them and what actions to take when they do (or don’t) respond.
View and track incidents in real-time
Provide complete visibility of event details with documentation of every action and response.

Save time and cost through messaging orchestration software

The ability to automate and provide consistent messaging adds value to monitoring, ticketing and other applications, as they inform IT and business stakeholders to take action on issues and remain updated.

Create workflow automation
Define settings and business rules for the system to follow and determine which workflow to activate.
Apply business rules
Create rules to define what conditions will trigger a notification, and who it should be sent to.
Escalate notifications
Reach people via phone, email, SMS and more until the appropriate personnel responds and is available.