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Gables Residential manages ~ 35,000 apartment homes and 400,000 sq. ft. of retail space.

Gables Residential: Emergencies Communicated Using Multi-Modal Messaging


The real estate company needed to ensure residents are alerted in emergencies.


Gables uses OnSolve One Call Now to send messages via text, email or phone in a matter of minutes.


Multi-modal messaging options ensure residents receive critical information in a timely manner.

When you have over 40,000 residents in your properties to communicate with, how do you let them know when emergencies are about to strike or have just struck?

For Gables Residential, communications initially came in the form of emails. However, when a situation required urgency, email didn’t seem like the best way to reach residents. Kevin Patterson is the Marketing Operations Manager for Gables Residential, and he described that “Our only option was to send them an email, but in some circumstances, we needed to reach them instantly.” If an emergency were to occur, the staff needed to be able to reach the residents “at any given moment;” email did not fulfill this need. When the company tried OnSolve One Call Now, they found how simple it was to communicate with all of their residents in just a few minutes.
“To me, the most beneficial thing about One Call Now is how easy their system is to use…. They make it extremely easy with their dashboard and mobile app to send a text, email or phone call with just a few clicks.”
Kevin said he appreciates “How much they truly care about their client’s opinion.” When One Call Now is advancing its technology, it looks to its users, including those at Gables Residential for suggestions and improvements. Kevin notes that he once made a few suggestions, “and they worked them into the next update. It was something they didn’t have to do, but they strive to make their clients happy, and it truly shows.”
To communicate with all of your residents, or a subgroup of them, One Call Now allows users like Kevin Patterson to send email, voice and text messages in just a few simple steps. At Gables Residential, Kevin says, “One Call Now has helped us improve our communication.”

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Gables Residential is a vertically integrated real estate company managing approximately 35,000 apartment homes and 400,000 square feet of retail space. Gables has received national recognition for excellence in development, management, sales, marketing, training, benefits and corporate accommodations.