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ECN’s Easy-to-Use Mass Notification Solution: Sending Messages in Just “1-2-Launch!”

12launchWhen it comes to dealing with emergencies or disseminating time-sensitive information to residents, employees, and stakeholders, time is of the essence. The widespread adoption of mobile technologies coupled with society’s “always on the go” mentality sets high expectations for information to be received in a timely manner for providing enhanced safety and security.

Two efficient solutions – one for governments and one for businesses

The ECN platform was designed with a simple and user-friendly interface that exceeds the demand for a fast and easy to use system, allowing both seasoned and new system users to send emergency and time-sensitive messages to thousands of people within a matter of seconds. Industry best practices dictate that being prepared in advance is a true time saver; therefore, messages sent using pre-built scenarios can go out in as little as “1-2-Launch.”

Selecting the scenario, inputting your launch code, and clicking the launch button are all that is required to inform residents, employees, or stakeholders of missing persons, boil water notices, HAZMAT incidents, shift/schedule changes, shelter in place notices, safety drills and announcements, along with other important information or incidents. By pre-creating a scenario for future use with your system or creating saved audiences and internal groups, you are preparing for situations that may occur, assisting with your crisis communication and management planning.

When building a message completely from scratch, our system is multi-step to allow complete customization and efficiency. While incorporating all the required steps on a single page is a possibility, our focus is on maintaining a well-organized platform that is easy and intuitive to understand so that our partners are successful each and every time they issue an alert. Having to scroll down a long and complicated page to launch an alert is cumbersome and makes it easier to miss steps. Our step-by-step process ensures that every step is completed in the appropriate order for the fastest and most proficient message creation. After all, speed and accuracy are extremely important during an emergency or time-sensitive event.

Long story, short, don’t let complicated platforms with an abundance of steps to complete stand in your way of informing residents, employees, or other stakeholders of valuable information that could save their lives. Call us directly and let us show you firsthand how to make communications easier with a “1-2-Launch!”