CodeRED Mobile Alert App

Reach residents and visitors alike with targeted emergency notifications

Reaching individuals who may be impacted by a crisis event is a top priority for agencies across the globe.

Unfortunately it is one of their biggest challenges as well. With the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, however, reaching this goal has never been easier.

Agencies can send geo-targeted push notifications to residents and visitors who have downloaded the mobile application – easily expanding the message reach beyond the confines of a typical contact database. As soon as an individual enters an area within the defined parameters of an alert, they will receive the notification.

Users simply download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app from the Google Play or Apple store and choose their preferences.

Infographic: How to Register for the CodeRED Mobile Alert App

Learn more about the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, including:

  • Download instructions
  • Setting prepferences
  • Helpful tips

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