Communication Kits

Whether you’re planning for COVID-19 related issues or the next severe weather event, our communication kits provide resources and tools you can use to ensure your organization or agency is prepared.

Winter Weather Guide and Resources

Organizations and government agencies be tested by winter weather. Learn how combining best practices and critical event management technology leads to better outcomes for employees, residents and vital business operations during extreme winter weather.

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Flood Safety e-Book and Kit Resources

Our e-book on flood crisis communications traces a typical major flood event, alongside expert commentary on emergency management and business continuity. Learn from our experts as they share their advice on preparing for, responding to and recovering from floods of every magnitude. And make sure to access our messaging templates and resident infographic, as well.

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Hurricane Kit

Hurricane Communications Resource Kit

Whether you’re an emergency manager for a county or a professional charged with business continuity, having a trusted resource for hurricane crisis management and communications guidance, as well as access to useful tools and templates, is critical.

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Wildfire Communications Preparedness Kit

Wildfires have the potential to cause large-scale devastation to lives, property and businesses. And with a pandemic placing additional stress on resources and creating new requirements for wildfire procedures, this wildfire season has its own unique challenges.

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Setting the Stage Today to Return to Office

Ask yourself this – have you started putting plans together for your office or store to re-open? The return to work phase may not happen tomorrow, but it’s moving closer every day. Because of this, it’s critical to prepare for unique situations brought on from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Crisis Communication Kit for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rises steadily across the world, so too does a unique set of challenges for businesses and government agencies. To help you overcome any communication or crisis planning obstacles you may be facing, we have put together a resource kit with recommended best practices from industry experts here at OnSolve.

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