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The MIR3 platform is now available through OnSolve. Learn more about our powerful, flexible, and reliable notification and alerting capabilities.

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Powerful, Flexible, Reliable Notifications and Alerts

Businesses of all sizes, operating both globally and domestically, have increasingly complex operations and more mobile employees than ever before. The current fast-paced business environment escalates the need to distribute information quickly and securely – to any device at any time.

MIR3 is a proven leader in helping organizations operate more efficiently and effectively by providing a notification platform that makes It easy to define key audiences, develop clear messages, and send alerts quickly and reliably.  Thousands of companies world-wide rely on MIR3 from OnSolve for business continuity and critical event management.

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Effective Notification: More Than Just One-way Alerts

For critical events, one-way communication doesn’t provide the collaboration and emergency management capabilities that companies need. MIR3 gives message recipients the ability to respond to an alert in a variety of ways, providing critical feedback when incident managers need it most. The solution automatically tracks message delivery and responses as they occur, helping management determine next steps quickly.

Infrastructure and Resilience

MIR3 has the most resilient infrastructure in the industry, with fully redundant data centers in geographically distributed locations.

Security & Access Management

MIR3 makes it easy to control access and security by allowing you to define hierarchical, role-based permissions by divisions and subdivisions.

User Management

Effective notification requires quickly determining who needs to know what, and adapting your message as contacts respond.

Guardian Life Insurance

Insurance carrier uses MIR3 to keep employees productive despite commuting challenges.

Large national insurance carrier uses mass notification to make employees lives easier when public transit repairs threaten to make the workday commute a grind.

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MIR3 Critical Features

Desktop Alerting
Pop-up alerts for the desktop. Whether your team is sharing a workstation or use all at their own desktops.
Event & Weather Alerting
Automated alert triggers send information based on weather service forecasts
Geo-Targeted Notifications
Notify those in specific regions who may be in the path of danger
DataSync: Advanced Data Integration
Easily integrate systems and update your mass notification database
MIR3 Mobile
Empower remote stakeholders to send, receive, and respond to important messages