SmartNotice Mass Notification for SMBs

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SmartNotice is the essential emergency notification tool for internal communications

SmartNotice provides a reliable, easy way to send important messages to many people at once on a wide variety of devices and receive immediate responses with critical details. Each message sent has an automatic audit trail so you know who received the message and who didn’t. It is a powerful, reliable notification tool to help keep lines of communication open when critical information must be delivered.

Notifications when you need them most

SmartNotice is great for providing up-to-the-minute notifications about emergencies, weather warnings, intruder alerts and even product recalls that can impact the operations of small and medium-sized businesses.

Unlike phone trees and other manual methods, SmartNotice does the work for you, quickly and reliably sending an important message without taking up valuable time and resources.

Key SmartNotice Features

Targeted Messaging

Authorized users can send messages to targeted groups in a list-based approach, ensuring the right contacts receive the right message, every time. Choose who you want to send messages to by individual qualities such as languages spoken, departments, or expertise.

Key SmartNotice Features

Data Integration

SmartNotice integrates with HR databases and other sources of contact information for seamless data loading and maintenance. OnSolve employees can assist as full-time database experts so that data management is our worry, not yours.

Key SmartNotice Features

Secure Messaging

Maintain confidence that messages are sent securely, enabling you to use additional security options such as requiring a pin code to access a message before it is played. This is helpful when delivering sensitive or secure alerts, preventing unauthorized users from having access.