Wildfire Communications Preparedness Kit


Wildfires have the potential to cause large-scale devastation to lives, property and businesses. And with a pandemic placing additional stress on resources and creating new requirements for wildfire procedures, this wildfire season has its own unique challenges. As a professional in charge of sending notifications about topics like wildfire preparedness, emergency evacuations, post-crisis recovery and more, as well as ensuring safe processes around COVID-19, we know you carry a major weight during this time.

That’s why we’ve created this Wildfire Communications Preparedness Kit, containing:

  • Useful tip sheets and checklists for wildfire notifications and safety procedures
  • Message templates you can easily adapt to your audience
  • Articles on planning and best practices
  • A wildfire safety postcard and flyer useful for public awareness of your notification system

Download the entire kit now to evaluate your wildfire safety and notification plans and access useful resources.

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