MIR3 Announces Enhanced Global Intelligent Notification System for Enterprises with Worldwide Operations

New data centers and dispersed telephony servers address privacy and cost issues

SAN DIEGO – Dec. 11, 2007 – MIR3™, the technology leader in Intelligent Notification (IN®) solutions for global enterprises, announced today that it has expanded its global enterprise notification platform by implementing additional data centers and telephony servers around the globe. These initiatives have been rolled out during the past several months to meet EU data privacy laws and to lower telecommunication costs of enterprises with worldwide operations. “U.S. multi-national organizations have led the way in implementing global enterprise messaging solutions to streamline operational communications, optimize business processes, ensure safety and reduce costs at all subsidiaries,” said Frank Mahdavi, MIR3 chief strategy officer. “These companies now require autonomous and redundant communication infrastructures in Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacifica to meet local privacy laws and realize operational cost savings.”

MIR3 currently maintains five fully redundant data centers located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Additional data centers are slated for 2008 in Asia and Australia. If a disaster wipes out data in one area of the world, it can be replicated nearly instantaneously. Additionally, organizations can now host confidential information outside the U.S. This capability helps companies comply with EU data privacy laws, which have drawn increased attention in light of the U.S. Patriot Act.

MIR3’s global Intelligent Notification platform also provides geo-dispersed telephony servers. When combined with the preferred routing feature of the MIR3 Intelligent Notification platform, MIR3’s network of dispersed telephony servers eliminates the need for European calls to be routed through the U.S. By having tighter control over global telephony routes, companies can lower rates, reduce operating costs and provide an extra measure of data privacy.

“MIR3 is the only company with the breadth, depth and customer base that can provide end-to-end, on-premises or hosted solutions to fully address the variable needs of global companies,” said Mahdavi. “Our new initiatives targeting the European and Asian markets position us as a single communication hub within global enterprises that can be used as a service by all departments everywhere.” MIR3’s enterprise-grade technology provides simultaneous use of multiple types of communication devices when a critical event occurs. Its multi-modal, interactive capabilities enable high-speed two-way communications to tens of thousands of users and devices across all modalities, including email, wireless pager, PDA, landline, mobile phone, satellite phone, TTY, fax and two-way texting.

About MIR3

MIR3™ provides automated Intelligent Notification (IN®) solutions for global and enterprise-wide communications and business continuity. MIR3’s inEnterprise™, inGovAlert™, inCampusAlert™, inTechCenter™, inAlertCenter™, inWebServices™ and inConnect™ are built on a geo-dispersed, scalable telephony and application server platform that directs the global dissemination of time-urgent information to and from any communication device across any communication medium. With its recent acquisition of TelAlert®, MIR3 now also offers TelAlert branded products such as TelAlert 6e systems. MIR3’s nearly 5,000 customers include 100 colleges and 80 of the Fortune 100, including the world’s top petroleum, soft-drink bottling and consumer goods companies, and organizations such as IAC Interactive (which operates TicketMaster and Match.com), Belkin Worldwide®, US Air Force, NASA, Homeland Security’s National Medical Response Teams, The American Red Cross, LA County Department of Health and the County of Orange, California, which has 1.4 million recipients loaded in its MIR3 Intelligent Notification system. For more information visit onsolve.com or contact 858.724.1248 or marketing@onsolve.com.

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