11.5 Million CodeRED Calls Sent Successfully Supporting Clients throughout Hurricane Matthew

Ormond Beach, FL – [October 10, 2016] – Emergency Communications Network (ECN), North America’s largest global provider of critical and mass notification systems successfully delivered more than 11.5 million critical communications without fail on behalf of impacted clients as the unprecedented Category 4 Hurricane Matthew targeted Florida’s east coast, threatening a direct impact to the company’s headquarters in Ormond Beach, FL.

Heavy rains, strong sustained winds reaching up to 160mph, widespread power outages, and other threats loomed as Matthew slowly made its way to the United States after its deadly impacts in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas. The Daytona/Ormond Beach area was projected to be ground zero for the storm’s 40 mile-wide eyewall to come ashore. Despite local conditions over the five-day period – from emergency preparations to updates during and after the storm, leading into the recovery process –  CodeRED successfully placed more than 11.5 million calls, issued 600,000 emails and delivered more than 500,000 text messages, without fail.

“I am very proud of the dedicated effort ECN personnel accomplished through this stressful event that impacted each of us personally,” said David DiGiacomo, President of ECN. “The work and dedication shown by our employees just proves how passionate we are about what we do. While staff faced personal preparations at home, they continually kept our clients’ needs as a top priority, helping however needed. During the two days leading up to the storm and throughout its duration, we are proud to report the system supported an unmatched amount of call volume with no downtime and zero impact on the use of the system by clients located in other areas of the U.S.”

In preparation for the well-publicized storm, ECN headquarters mobilized its Threat Assessment Team, activated critical personnel in our Minnesota and San Diego offices, and dispersed local technical support representatives to safe locations across the state, all to better maintain ongoing 24x7x365 client support services and stay in touch with clients. Other personnel remained in the company’s headquarters throughout the event to ensure system sustainability and provide potential troubleshooting. Due to the company’s preparation and experience combined with the CodeRED solution being hosted on a triple-redundant infrastructure, calls went out with no downtime and without any fear of failure.


About Emergency Communications Network (ECN)

ECN is the largest global provider of managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based critical communications and emergency notification systems, managing fourteen (14) customized statewide solutions – the most in the market. For two decades, ECN has revolutionized high-speed notification services capable of reaching millions of people in minutes through its flagship solution, CodeRED. This multimodal solution is designed for government agencies to quickly and reliably deliver emergency and general geo-specific notifications to residents and employees via multiple devices, including the nation’s most downloaded public safety notification app – the CodeRED Mobile Alert app.

The company has grown to also include business solutions optimized for Fortune 1000 companies and those seeking reliable risk management and business continuity solutions. Our extensive line of commercial products include ECN’s SmartNotice and MIR3’s comprehensive business platforms Intelligent Notification and TelAlert, which provide automated IT alerts, employee notification systems, and two-way communications as essential tools for business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Currently, we serve approximately eighty percent of the nation’s top Fortune 100 companies with the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based software communication platforms. This product suite represents the easiest to deploy managed-service solutions for the exchange of critical information among organizations, their people, devices, and external parties. From day one, ECN’s core mission has been the same as it remains today; to design technology solutions that save lives, optimize efficiencies, and reduce costs. ECN is headquartered in Ormond Beach, FL with additional offices in Minneapolis, MN, San Diego, CA, London, UK and Dubai, UAE. For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.onsolve.com.

Media and Analyst Contact:

Victoria Borges
Senior Director, Strategic Communications