City of Waltham, Massachusetts Deployed CodeRED to Successfully Locate a Missing Person

Waltham, MA – [May 31, 2016] – The City of Waltham, Massachusetts successfully recovered a reported missing at-risk woman on May 22, 2016 after issuing a CodeRED community notification to registered residents. Within moments of receiving the CodeRED alert, a local resident looked outside of her house, spotted the missing woman, and immediately notified city 9-1-1 personnel. Waltham police officers promptly responded to the call and safety returned the at-risk woman to her residence.

“The missing woman was visually impaired and suffered from previous traumatic head injuries, so finding her was crucial,” said Lieutenant Tim Maher of the Waltham, Massachusetts Police Department. “The CodeRED system proved itself to be a success in this effort.”

While emergency notifications go out to all residents currently enrolled in the CodeRED notification service, it is still important to encourage any individuals and businesses that aren’t presently opted-in to sign up today to receive emergency alerts from city and county public officials. To sign up, visit your local municipality’s CodeRED registration website to begin receiving these informative, life-saving alerts via phone, text, and email and make a difference in the community.

Additionally, residents should download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app to ensure they can continue to receive emergency alerts and proactive information designed to keep them better informed and to remain safe as they travel through other CodeRED jurisdictions. Users of the app receive geo-targeted alerts, delivered to only those within a precise location, directly to their smartphones. This app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.


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