Emergency Communications Network Develops Synthesized Critical Communication Solution for HAZMAT Emergencies

Ormond Beach, FL – [May 6, 2016] – Emergency Communications Network (ECN), North America’s largest provider of critical and mass notification systems, is proud to announce a new solution designed to assist public safety officials and emergency planners in the event of local hazardous materials (HAZMAT) emergencies. The new solution will allow communities and first responders with Tier II facilities storing, manufacturing, or utilizing threshold quantities of hazardous materials to make properly informed decisions that will reduce the risk of injuries, fatalities, and exposure.

“The HAZMAT Analytical and Alerting System termed ‘HAAS,’ takes the guesswork out of predicting what the possible outcomes of an incident may be. When seconds count, knowing who to alert and providing them with accurate guidance based on the potential hazards of the incident is of utmost importance,” said Scott Bunning, Director of Marketing and Sales at AristaTek. “This solution not only helps to minimize the risk for onsite employees and nearby residents, but also the first responders that often arrive before trained HAZMAT teams.”

Businesses and residents can help mitigate safety concerns of Tier II facilities associated with hazardous materials by using the CodeRED emergency and critical communication solution. Under a strategic partnership with AristaTek Inc., the industry’s leading provider of hazardous material software solutions, the HAAS solution provides agencies and businesses working with potentially dangerous chemicals with the ability to proactively model multiple hazards simultaneously, such as toxic plumes and fireball explosions, based on their reported inventories. This information is made available within the CodeRED notification system so that during an incident, those who are located in harm’s way may be alerted as early as possible, reducing the risk of exposure.

“When it comes to unimaginable disasters today, as evidenced by the tragic events that unfolded after the 2013 Texas fertilizer explosion, it’s no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when,’” said Michael Staley, Vice President of Business Development at ECN. “No one solution or technology is the answer to preparing for such regional crises, but being prepared to communicate to first responders and residents in harm’s way is imperative to help reduce casualties. When state, local, and private sector partners work together, that is when a difference can be made. Failure to communicate this information via a powerful communications platform such as CodeRED can have lasting negative effects.”

About AristaTek, Inc.
Formed in 1999 by four chemists and engineers who conducted field scale research studies at the Nevada Test Site’s Hazmat Spill Center (HSC) mandated by the 1986 Superfund and Reauthorization Act (SARA) and the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) during the 1990’s, AristaTek has become a leading provider of CBRNE and HAZMAT response and planning solutions to the civilian and military market. PEAC-WMD™, AristaTek’s leading software product, assists in response efforts by consolidating CBRNE & HAZMAT technical reference sources and automating stand-off distance modeling and communication of incident data. The PEAC® software is the industry-standard in the CBRNE & HAZMAT response community, supporting critical CBRNE units such as the National Guard Civil Support Teams (CST), the United States Air Force (USAF) and countless civilian responders worldwide. AristaTek is a certified HUBZone business. For additional information, visit https://www.aristatek.com.

About Emergency Communications Network
Headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, Emergency Communications Network (ECN) is North America’s largest provider of SaaS-based critical communication and emergency notification systems. Whether in the event of mission-critical business events, emergencies, or routine operational announcements, ECN provides the market with two core solutions: CodeRED is designed for state and local government entities to deliver emergency and general messages to residents in specific geographic areas, and SmartNotice focuses on staff and customer notifications, serving as an essential tool for business continuity and disaster recovery. ECN’s technology solutions are used each day to effectively alert, inform, and save lives – when seconds count.

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