MIR3, Inc. Launches Innovative Multi-Modal Closed Loop Communication Platform Designed to Enhance CRM

CLC-4-CRM systems enable a more personalized customer experience while enhancing existing CRM programs.

SAN DIEGO (May 20, 2014)MIR3, Inc., the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification (IN™) and response technology, today announced the launch of an innovative new platform called CLC-4-CRM (closed-loop communication for CRM). The platform has been developed to integrate the power of mass notification and response software into popular CRM (customer relationship management) products by vendors that include Salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Verint, NICE Systems, SAS, Digital River and others. CLC-4-CRM solves the persistent problem of how to better interact with customers through individualized notifications delivered through a CRM platform. This provides a more responsive customer experience and drives focused efficiency for users of the CRM tool. CRM revenue growth is the highest of all enterprise software markets. In 2013, revenues in the CRM market were estimated at $20 billion, with an expected 13.7 percent in average yearly growth.

“The CLC-4-CRM platform creates a tremendous opportunity for growth through the integration of two technology platforms—CRM and mass two-way notification. This market opens a new path of growth for MIR3 and new functionality for users of CRM solutions who have previously been limited in their ability to close the loop in customer communication. This integration expands the ability to manage the customer experience and build loyalty,” says Ann Pickren, COO for MIR3.

CRM software is used by businesses to attract, manage and retain customers while building loyalty throughout the relationship. The most consistent uses for CRM systems within the enterprise are for customer service and support. Companies use CRM to track critical issues as they develop and resolve, logging all communications with the customer and providing a portal so the customer can see the status of any issues, communications, etc. Despite the importance of CRM, in most cases its outbound communication is limited to emails that deliver information to the customer or prospect without a mechanism for individual responses and targeted follow-up activities. With existing CRM solutions, the message is sent via email, but the sender has no way of knowing if the recipient has received the message, and if the message is indeed received, there is no way to respond with valuable feedback to the sender. Even when the email response produces a two-way communication channel between CRM and the customer, the responses cannot be easily aggregated, analyzed or leveraged for follow-on campaigns.

CLC-4-CRM solves this by quickly and reliably delivering important messages multi-modally, to a variety of communication devices a customer or prospective customer may use, including phones, fax and SMS in addition to email. It also provides a way for customers to respond in an actionable way. This, in turn, allows the sender to request and receive a response from each targeted customer or prospect, such as confirmation that a critical action has been completed, like updating an IP address. CLC-4-CRM also enhances tracking of communication, allowing for real-time reporting to accurately gauge receipt of and response to messages. This solves a persistent problem for CRM users by closing the loop on customer communication, allowing business to focus attention on customers that need it most.

“Customer relationship management is how customers with exemplary customer service stay in communication with customers and prospects, thus building loyalty,” says Amir Moussavian, president and CEO of MIR3. “CLC-4-CRM establishes a valuable link between the business and the customer, enabling a more personal, customized approach while increasing overall business efficiency.”

Because of its native integration, all communications and responses by customers are saved to the customer’s record in the CRM application, where internal users can see a history of their responses to critical messages sent by the company.

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MIR3, Inc. is the leading developer of Intelligent Notification and response software, which helps organizations and companies enhance communication, protect assets, and increase operational efficiency. MIR3 technology provides a common communication platform that enables advanced rapid, two-way communication for IT, business continuity, and enterprise operations for many of the Global Fortune 100 companies, as well as government entities, universities and companies of all sizes in more than 130 countries. For more information, visit onsolve.com. Follow MIR3 on Twitter: @MIR3.

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