MIR3 Intelligent Notification 4.0 Launches with Advanced Features for Enterprise-wide Alerting

New version provides enhanced workflow and other improvements to make it easy to reliably send, receive, respond to and track mass notifications.

SAN DIEGO (June 2, 2014) – Recognizing the increasing importance of reliable enterprise-wide communication, MIR3, Inc., the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification (IN™) and response technology, today announced the launch of MIR3 Intelligent Notification 4.0. Intelligent Notification 4.0 is designed to improve business continuity, IT service management, operational performance and employee safety by enabling authorized administrators to send, receive, respond to and track emergency and operational alerts from the Intelligent Notification platform. This capability is critical when events interrupt normal business processes and important information needs to be delivered to or from a dispersed workforce quickly and efficiently.

Enhancements in Intelligent Notification 4.0 are apparent from the moment the product is launched and the user is presented with an updated and friendly graphical user interface (GUI). Notification screens throughout the product display the new GUI, many of which reflect workflow improvements intended to make use of the product more efficient. Device-specific messaging goes a step further by tailoring messages to pre-specified recipient devices. Full-featured HTML mail is integrated into the product, enabling the use of rich text and graphics for email notifications. Other features include drag-and-drop prioritization of devices to be contacted, message character counter, over-write protection of saved templates and an enhanced navigation bar to make managing notification easier than ever.

“Emergency mass notification is becoming increasingly critical as a common communication platform,” says Amir Moussavian, president and CEO of MIR3. “Intelligent Notification 4.0 offers a flexible, reliable and powerful way to deliver important messages across the enterprise.”

MIR3 Intelligent Notification software rapidly launches two-way mass notification to groups of one to many thousands in any location using a variety of delivery modes, automatically tracking message deliveries and responses in real time. The product comes in three levels, or editions: Premium edition for enterprises with a global reach and a wide variety of communication needs; Standard edition for companies that need a full-featured yet streamlined notification system with sophisticated data management; and Essentials edition for those that want reliable and flexible automated notification for fast response in times of business interruption or public crisis.

Media and Analyst Contact:

Victoria Borges
Senior Director, Strategic Communications