MIR3 Launches New Group Messaging Service Purpose-Built for the Enterprise

MIR3 Conversations™ Solves Compliance Issues with Secure, Auditable Group SMS and Full Reporting Capabilities

SAN DIEGO (Sep 20, 2011) MIR3, Inc., the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification and response technology, announced today that it has launched MIR3 Conversations™, a group messaging service created for the specific needs of the enterprise organization. MIR3 Conversations is the first group messaging service to address enterprise requirements by offering a secure environment and a full audit trail to help meet the obligation of communication preservation required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). This advance will allow customers to take full advantage of the portability and flexibility of texting and Short Message Service (SMS) in everyday corporate communication.

According to Portio Research, more than 6.9 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2010, with forecasts exceeding eight trillion messages in 2011. While text and SMS use has exploded for personal use, these communication modes have not had the same level of adoption in business due to a lack of security and auditability concerns. Because it helps meet the security and auditability concerns of the enterprise, MIR3 Conversations allows businesses to embrace the collaboration, flexibility, portability and real-time communication ability of SMS into daily business interactions.

“Our Fortune 100 clients have been slow to adopt SMS as a viable communication platform due to lack of security and auditability,” said Amir Moussavian, president and CEO of MIR3. “We have worked closely with some of our largest financial services, energy and consumer goods customers to develop a feature set that enterprises must have to feel confident about adding SMS to their accepted communication platforms.”

In addition to the secure texting and a full audit trail, MIR3 Conversations features include:

  • SMS-based, not app-based — No downloads required; works with any mobile phone, regardless of operating platform.
  • Conference calling — Any or all members can be transferred to a conference call by simply typing “/talk” during a conversation.
  • Social networking-type permission — Users can invite anyone into a conversation using their mobile phone number without administrator assistance.
  • Web-based registration portal — Users can initiate and participate in conversations via a secure Web portal in addition to mobile SMS.
  • Auditing and reporting — Messages sent with MIR3 Conversations are auditable for SOX compliance, and traffic and usage reports are available on-demand.
  • Account management and provisioning — Companies can define who in the organization has access to SMS and who doesn’t.


Portio Research says: “Messaging is still king… Messaging still dominates [mobile operators’] non-voice revenues worldwide.” According to Portio the worldwide messaging market was worth $179.2 billion in 2010 and will be worth more than $200 billion in 2011.

“Customer enthusiasm and market research confirm that group messaging is destined to become a powerful communication option in the corporate toolbox,” says Moussavian. “MIR3 Conversations is the logical next step for notification technology, and MIR3 is uniquely positioned as the only company with the history and expertise in notification.”

OEM partners have also shown a strong interest in MIR3 Conversations. “We have a number of partners who are eager to add this functionality to their core products,” said René Grossrieder, VP, worldwide channels and alliances for MIR3. “With a clear demand in the market for enterprise group messaging, and proven consumer acceptance, we anticipate rapid adoption of the technology in the enterprise space.”

For additional information on MIR3, please visit onsolve.com. For press inquiries, contact Carol Tiernan at (858) 724-1280.

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