MIR3 to Donate Seven Weeks of Notification Net Proceeds To Japan Relief Efforts

More than 650,000 Important Customer Messages to Contribute to Donation

SAN DIEGO (March 29, 2011)―MIR3, Inc., the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification™ and response technology, announced today that to support earthquake and tsunami efforts it will donate the net proceeds from all customer messages delivered to Japan from March 11 to April 29. The company deliberately chose a seven-week period because the number seven is culturally significant and is a symbol of good luck in Japan. Net proceeds collected will go to The American Red Cross, which is currently providing humanitarian aid to disaster victims in the form of food and supplies, medical and emotional support, and much more.

On March 11, MIR3 customers delivered more than 650,000 real-time, important messages worldwide in the wake of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which will contribute to the company’s seven-week commitment. Customers in industries spanning insurance, consumer packaged goods, oil and gas, finance, medical and health services, IT, and transportation are using MIR3 notification technology to immediately reach, and also receive responses from, employees, customers and partners. In fact, March 11 marked one of the highest daily usages of the MIR3 platform in the last three years.

The company helped its customers deliver important messages to multiple communication devices during and after the disasters, including delivering:

  • 346,000 emails
  • 167,000 mobile, landline and TTY phone calls
  • 137,000 SMS (text) messages
  • 2,200 one- and two-way pager messages
  • 1,100 faxes
  • 291 BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN messages

MIR3 offers a two-way messaging platform that allows users, during urgent and non-urgent situations, to send notifications and receive responses over a wide range of devices including mobile phones, landlines, pagers, email, fax, Blackberry PIN-to-PIN and SMS. During last week’s catastrophe, MIR3 customers were able to use notifications to communicate about employee safety and business operations. Using MIR3 technology, message recipients were also able to respond—communicating they were safe, that they needed assistance, or about general, urgent business continuity issues.

“We’re saddened that this tragic event occurred, but thankful that our technology helped businesses communicate during this very difficult time.” stated Amir Moussavian, president and CEO, MIR3. “We know that our technology is used in all sorts of ways, but the thought that it may have helped ease the suffering of the people of Japan in some way is humbling.”

In the past three years, MIR3 has helped customers deliver more than 100 million important messages worldwide. The company’s solutions are used for business continuity and disaster recovery, emergency notification, IT alerting and critical business operations.

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