New Enterprise Service Bus from MIR3 Streamlines Integration of Notification with Existing Applications

Unique Platform Bridges Communication between Business and IT Processes, Saving Time and Money

SAN DIEGO (Aug. 29, 2011)–As automation becomes the industry standard for managing business and IT processes, MIR3, Inc., the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification™ and response technology, today announced the MIR3 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)—a tool designed to help customers automate notification from existing and legacy IT service management (ITSM) applications and business processes using secure data and process flow integration. MIR3 is the first vendor to provide a run book automation (RBA) or IT process automation (ITPA) tool to simplify the integration of mass notification with legacy systems, saving customers time, increasing productivity and ultimately growing their bottom line.

“The MIR3 ESB offers organizations a way to adopt ITPA for notification with repeatable processes without having to perform complicated scripting or coding,” said Groff Bittner, vice president of platform technology at MIR3. “It’s an integration tool, or bridge, to facilitate any type of integration with inEnterprise™, TelAlert® and ITSM applications such as help desk and network monitoring tools. The MIR3 ESB is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that supports organizations looking to drive more value from business operations and IT processes through automation.”

With the MIR3 ESB, customers will benefit from:

  • Automated event-based notification—automatically sends notifications in response to events generated by ITSM or other business applications. For example, if a service monitoring tool detects that a database server is running out of storage space, a notification can be automatically sent to an on-duty technician indicating the name and location of the server and the details of the problem. The technician can acknowledge the notification and take ownership of the ticket, or indicate that he is currently busy and have a notification automatically sent to a back-up technician or team.
  • Ease of use—alleviates repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing staff to focus on more important responsibilities. Process flows can be quickly set up using a drag-and-drop interface, saving time in the development and maintenance of shell scripts and custom program designs.
  • Simple, intuitive point-and-click data configuration with object-driven workflow tools—offers a faster, more seamless path to implement escalation rules without writing custom code, scripting or significant professional services. Developers have greater flexibility by integrating multiple processes into a single workflow that can be managed through Visual Objects for actions and communication, which has proven to be more effective than script-based management.
  • Automatic escalation processes—expedite the response time to problems by making sure the message gets delivered to someone who can help. For example, if a field technician is preoccupied or out of cell phone range and cannot respond promptly, escalation rules will automatically send the message to a backup technician or team—and ultimately to a manager—to ensure that somebody responds to the issue without violating its service level agreements (SLAs).

According to a recent report by Gartner, “IT automation is no longer an add-on technology, or even an alternative to some existing management tooling; it is quickly becoming the way IT must look to manage its infrastructure.” As today’s organizations continue to evolve IT and business continuity processes, the MIR3 ESB will support bi-directional communication, targeting companies looking for an integration platform to send messages out and receive messages in a third-party tool.

The MIR3 ESB is available immediately. For more information, visit or call (858) 724-1276

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