OnSolve Launches Event Monitoring And Task Management Tool For Organizations To Manage Critical Incidents

EventStream empowers decision makers to streamline process of creating and managing cyber attacks, severe weather and other threats to business continuity

ORMOND BEACH, FL, September 19, 2019 – OnSolve, a global leader in critical communication solutions for enterprise, SMB, and government customers, today announced the launch of EventStream – a powerful new event monitoring & task management module that allows organizations to manage all aspects of an internal crisis event (IT incident, cyber attack, severe weather, supply chain disruption, etc.) from one single interface.

Preparing for and managing increasingly complex crisis events poses a challenge for organizations today, as most use numerous and often siloed communications methods such as email chains, conference calls, ad hoc meetings or any combination of those. During critical events when every second matters, ineffective task management can lead to mistakes and delays in response that jeopardize business continuity and the ability to protect people and property.

EventStream is a new product available within OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile that allows users to create and monitor incidents directly from their mobile device. As a result, decision-makers have one central location to streamline the process of handling any critical situation that arises, including: IT incidents, security breaches, evacuation test drills, severe weather events, workplace incidents, and more.

Key features of EventStream include:

  • Easily create a new event and assign tasks and subtasks to employees with deadlines while monitoring their progress.
  • Automate notifications through the creation of business rules surrounding task completion to ensure employees stay on track.
  • Add secure files with critical information such as: alternate weather routes, company emergency guidelines, fire evacuation plans, and more.
  • Engage in two-way communication with one of the EventStream integrated chat solutions.
  • Quickly get up to speed by reviewing the event summary that serves as a snapshot of the entire event.

“The damage from a critical incident is often compounded because decision makers have to spend as much time dealing with tasks and information spread across emails, conference calls and meetings as they do managing the critical event itself – which leads to response delays, mistakes and unnecessary threats to business continuity,” said Ann Pickren, President, OnSolve. “EventStream ensures rapid action and transparency by placing all of the event monitoring and task management tools and information in one place.”

For additional information on the EventStream module and OnSolve Send Word Now Mobile, visit here.

About OnSolve

OnSolve is a leading global provider of SaaS-based critical communication solutions for enterprise, SMB, and government customers. The company’s cloud-based software communications platform provides seamless and easy-to-deploy solutions for the exchange of critical information among organizations, their people, devices and external entities with use cases designed to save lives, enhance revenue and reduce costs. More information can be found on the company’s website at www.onsolve.com.

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