MIR3 Intelligent Notification and PPM 2000 Computer-Aided Dispatch Integrate to Improve Emergency Response

Technology Partnership Improves and Streamlines Incident Management by Enabling Notifications to be Launched Directly from Core Dispatch System

SAN DIEGO (August 14, 2012)MIR3, Inc., the innovator of real-time Intelligent Notification (IN®) and response technology today announced the integration of the company’s automated mass notification with Perspective DispatchLog®, the computer-aided dispatch technology from developer partner PPM 2000, provider of end-to-end incident management software systems. The combined solution allows organizations to initiate targeted notifications from within a core dispatching system, streamlining the emergency dispatch process, improving response team coordination, reducing response times, and enhancing information sharing. Customers for this technology include corporate security personnel and emergency first responders in charge of incident management, security investigations, and safety.

With this integration, which takes advantage of the MIR3 extensible open API, Perpective DispatchLog users are able to initiate full-scale, managed and targeted emergency notifications from within the computer-aided dispatch system using Intelligent Notification without exiting the system. This provides faster information sharing and speeds response during emergencies such as a bomb threat or an active shooter, or in response to a specific business situation, like a change in shift schedules or disruption in service.

“The integration of Perspective with Intelligent Notification makes it possible for security managers to realize significant, measurable improvement in disaster response times by working from a single communication platform. It’s a powerful integration that saves time and, ultimately, saves lives,” says René Grossrieder, EVP of worldwide sales for MIR3.

“We’re excited about the integration between Perspective DispatchLog and the MIR3 Intelligent Notification platform,” says Brian McIlravey, CPP and co-CEO of PPM. “Proper and timely notifications are critical to the effective incident and emergency management process and expediting communications leads to better management of the incident response.”

In addition to the technology integration between their systems, the partnership allows PPM 2000 to resell the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) version of the MIR3 Intelligent Notification platform. Organizations that use both Perspective DispatchLog and MIR3 can instantly turn on the integration between the two systems.

MIR3 Intelligent Notification software rapidly launches two-way mass notification to groups of one to many thousands in any location using many different delivery modes, and automatically tracks message deliveries and responses in real time. When combined with the powerful capabilities of DispatchLog, this integration streamlines the dispatch process, ultimately increasing response times and preserving life.

Media and Analyst Contact:

Victoria Borges
Senior Director, Strategic Communications