San Diego’s MIR3 expands mass notification technology to social media networks


On the day a Magnitude 9 earthquake and major Tsunami struck Japan, customers of MIR3 used the San Diego company’s automated notification system to transmit more than 650,000 real-time messages around the world. “The minute it happened, I checked with engineering and our customers were using every modality of communications—SMS [text messaging], e-mail, phone calls,” CEO Amir Moussavian told me in a recent interview. MIR3 later determined its system had been used to deliver more than 346,000 e-mails; 167,000 automated phone messages; 137,000 text messages; 2,200 pager messages, 1,100 faxes, and even 291 BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN messages—sent mostly by U.S. companies to large numbers of their employees, customers, and partners.


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Victoria Borges
Senior Director, Strategic Communications