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Five Emerging Business Continuity Challenges For 2019

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Ann Pickren, Chief Market Development Officer, OnSolve

Five Emerging Business Continuity Challenges For 2019

Enterprise decision makers know to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to business continuity (BC) planning. But the increasingly complex threat environment is challenging organizations as never before to prepare for an expanding range of incidents. Yes, traditional threats such as severe weather and active shooters are still top of mind, but BC professionals must now plan for sophisticated cybersecurity attacks, social media misinformation campaigns, event disruptions and other scenarios that demand reliable two-way notification for groups from one to many thousands.

Business continuity, IT and disaster recovery professionals are looking ahead to the most formidable BC challenges they expect to face in 2019 – and how they can rapidly notify workforces when incidents occur to minimize business and operational risk. OnSolve recently surveyed more than 300 of these enterprise decision makers on these challenges, and five in particular emerged that organizations should consider working into their 2019 BC strategy and planning efforts.

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