OnSolve | One Call Now is making some changes!

Continued Updated Branding

OnSolve is pleased to announce updated OnSolve | One Call Now branding for the Self Registration Portal, Mobile Web Site and the One Call Now Mobile app.

OnSolve is consistently working to enhance your user experience and provide a cohesive brand to our clients across all product platforms in the OnSolve family of products, including One Call Now. In doing so, we are updating our Self Registration Portal, Mobile Web Experience site and Mobile app to display an updated One Call Now logo, changing some menu names to better align with industry standards and OnSolve’s product names, and updating site colors for a refreshed look and feel.

Some changes you will notice:

Updated One Call Now Logo: The sites will display our updated One Call Now Powered by OnSolve logo.

New Colors: The websites will have updated refreshed themes to reflect our new OnSolve colors.

Terminology Change: One Call Now terminology has changed to better align across all products, including all instances of “Message”  You will now see “Alert” instead of Message, “Alerting” instead of “Messaging,” and the menu option “Send an Alert” instead of “Send a Message.”

We are proud to continue to be your essential partner in managing uncertainty in a turbulent world. Every day, we bring the combination of experienced people and innovative technology to keep you safe, informed, assured, and productive when it matters most.

If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to our outstanding Customer Support at OCNSupport@onsolve.com. or call 877-698-3262.

OnSolve | One Call Now is pleased to announce our Keyword Opt-In Completion Enhancement

As we continually seek ways to enhance our customers’ experience with One Call Now, we are excited to announce an enhancement to our Keyword Opt-In feature.
This enhancement is free for organizations who use the Keyword Opt-In feature for contacts who subscribe to mobile phone alerts.

With this new enhancement, when recipients opt-in via SMS using an assigned keyword, they will receive an SMS welcome text on their phone, which contains a clickable link.
This link immediately redirects recipients to a web page to complete their contact information, such as; name, phone numbers, email addresses, and preferred language.
This enhancement includes the following changes:

  • A new check box within the One Call Now system on the Subgroup>Keyword Opt-In tab which requires Group Leaders to select it in order to add the Opt-In Competition link to the Opt-In Welcome text.
  • A new short URL link delivered to the opted-in contact within the welcome text to complete their sign up.
  • A new secure Opt-In Completion web page with the required contact fields for recipients to fill out. Either a mobile phone device or PC can access this new page.

If you have any questions about this new enhancement, please reach out to our outstanding Customer Support representatives at OCNSupport@onsolve.com.

Payment Options & Invoices

We are continually seeking ways to enhance our customers’ experience with One Call Now. As such, we are excited to announce that we will be making changes to our sales and support systems and changing our payment processor. This will create a more streamlined process for our users. In doing so, our One Call Now clients will experience a few differences in the way they set up their payment options and how they pay One Call Now invoices. Your first invoice will contain a link to the ARC portal, our new easy-to-use online invoicing and payment system, with instructions on how to set up and navigate within the system. Once we switch over to the new system, all outgoing invoices and notices will be from: no-reply@versapay.com.

  • Customers who are set up on Auto-Renew and have a valid payment method already on file will not need to do anything at this time.
  • Customers may see a change to the name of the service plan on their account, but there will be no changes to features or settings.
  • Customers who pay by emailed invoice will now see the OnSolve logo on the invoice, and it will contain a link that will direct you to ARC, where you can view your invoices, manage your payment methods, and make payments.
  • Customers who previously could renew their One Call Now account online should note that this has been temporarily disabled on the One Call Now website.

If you have any questions regarding invoices or payments using the ARC portal, please email Accounting Support at AR@onsolve.com. Please include your contact information and invoice number on the email so that our representatives can get back to you to resolve your issue. For all other inquiries please email OCNSupport@onsolve.com.

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