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10 Routine Uses for Mass Notification Technology

Once used only in emergencies, organizations of all types and sizes are now recognizing the numerous benefits of using mass notification technology for routine, automated interactions across the enterprise, saving time, effort and money.

This eBook, will examine 10 ways in which such a service can help your organization communicate more effectively with employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders on a daily basis.

From this resource, you will learn how to:

  1. Using content-triggered alerts to automate business processes
  2. Utilizing notification technology for IT alerting
  3. Easy convening of conference calls without complex call bridges
  4. Updating employee contact data
  5. Notifying staff members of shift changes, and more

Learn creative ideas for using notification technology on a daily basis. Download this valuable white paper now.

Article Cover 10 Routine Uses for Mass Notification Technology
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