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2022 Predictions Panel: Creating Organizational Resilience in The New Year

As organizations plan for 2022, the ability to anticipate, prepare for and respond to risks and disruption is top of mind. The conversation is changing – instead of security, organizations are now focused on creating organizational resiliency. But what does this mean? And how do business continuity and security professionals make it matter to the organization?

In this on-demand panelist-style webinar, hear from industry experts, Brian Zawada, Chief Operating Officer at Castellan, Stefanie Drysdale, Vice President Cyber at Prescient, and OnSolve Chief Customer Officer Ann Pickren as they address questions and discuss what organizations need to know to strengthen resiliency in the new year.

Moderated by OnSolve Vice President of Global Security Solutions Matt Bradley, the panel covers many pressing topics, including:

  • How to demonstrate ROI of organizational resilience programs
  • The convergence of cyber and physical security
  • Leveraging digital transformation for organizational resilience
  • And how to ensure organizations are ready for the next crisis

Learn what these experts predict will be key to effectively mitigating risk and maintaining resiliency in the coming year. Watch the watch webinar today.


Brian Zawada, Chief Operating Officer, Castellan: Brian Zawada is the Chief Operating Officer for Castellan Solutions, a firm specializing in business continuity and operational resilience program design, implementation and continual improvement.

Stefanie Drysdale, Vice President Cyber, Prescient: Stefanie has been with Prescient, a global risk management and intelligence services firm with four practice areas: Due Diligence, Investigations, Cyber, and Intelligence, since 2016 and was instrumental in building Prescient’s Cyber offerings, particularly the firm’s Executive Digital Protection (EDP) program, which is geared toward corporate security professionals and private clients.

Ann Pickren, Chief Customer Officer, OnSolve: As OnSolve’s Chief Customer Officer, Ann Pickren currently oversees the implementation of the OnSolve Communication Platform across over 27,000 customers.

Watch The On-Demand Webinar

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