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3 Lessons for Agencies from a Year of Civil Unrest and Pandemic Response Coordination

Perspectives from a Security Expert

We live in a world where natural disasters are more common and more devastating. Civil unrest and domestic terrorism have risen sharply over the last few years. Over the last twelve months, we’ve watched as riots and protests have overtaken our news channels. And vaccine deployment for COVID-19 has become a major worldwide undertaking.

In such a complex social and political climate, how can agencies improve their response?

This on-demand webinar identifies:

  • The one thing government agencies can no longer afford to fall behind on
  • A key capability that has never been more important for agencies
  • A crucial component that every agency needs to ensure a fast, targeted response

Join OnSolve Vice President of Security Solutions Matt Bradley as he puts the last year into perspective with three lessons that should be top of mind for government agencies as they plan for future critical events.

Watch the webinar to learn more about coordinating response efforts and ensuring the safety of your residents, stakeholders and mission.

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