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30 Business Continuity Best Practices

How often should you test your business continuity plan?

When will it need to be updated? How do you communicate your plan to employees? What’s the best way to accomplish BCP training?

OnSolve partnered with Attainium to compile the top 30 business continuity best practices in the industry today.

This brief will cover best practices on business continuity plan:

  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Awareness

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About Attainium

Attainium assesses an organization’s ability to cope with and recover from a wide variety of disruptive events. While all the services that Attainium provides are unique to their clients, companies may request additional strategic consulting services in organizational design and development, crisis and risk management, and other crisis management related areas such as communications and infrastructure review. You can learn more at

Webinar Brief 30 Business Continuity Best Practices
Download the Webinar Brief