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Business Continuity in a Ransomware Attack: Meeting the Emerging Threat

Ransomware attacks—malware encrypted data held for financial ransom—increased more than 90 percent last year, and there's no indication that trend is slowing. Since targeted companies may have their primary modes of communication disabled indefinitely, they must be prepared with the right technology and processes in place to disseminate information to key stakeholders throughout the unfolding crisis.

Join security professionals Ann Pickren, President of OnSolve and Cheryl Carmel, Vice President of Security, for a fast-paced tour of the front lines from business continuity planning to essential collaboration between physical and IT security functions.

Ensuring Business Continuity After a Ransomware Attack will explore a proactive approach informed by the real-world application of the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) model.

Key takeaways or learning objectives:

  • Real-world assessment of emerging threat vectors
  • Effective linking of security activities to organizational mission.
  • Collaboration techniques that define a coherent organizational response to unfolding ransomware crisis

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