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Critical Issues in Crisis Communication

This resource is a special electronic edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE, focusing on some of the critical issues in crisis communications.

In our broadband world of instant communication, business continuity professionals must address the important topic of communicating ACCURATE information in a TIMELY way and collecting back affirmative receipts or updates.

This free resource includes the following articles:

  • How to Communicate Before, During and After Inclement Weather: Your All-in-One Guide to Business Continuity
  • Seven Secrets to Getting Employee Buy-In (and Personal Contact Information) for an Emergency Notification Program
  • Why You Should Avoid Instant Messaging Services for Emergency Communications
  • The True Cost of Waiting: How Not Having an Emergency Notification System Hurts Businesses

These articles can help you review the vital issue of crisis communication and how to adopt emergency alerting best practices for your organization.

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Critical Issues in Crisis Communication
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