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Is Your Critical Events Communications Program Battle-Ready?

Organizations today are challenged to communicate in real-time with employees and stakeholders when critical events occur.

This is becoming a more formidable task amidst an increasingly complex global threat environment that includes severe and extreme weather events, sophisticated cyber-security attacks, terrorist and active shooter threats, and travel issues.

Successfully leveraging mass notification systems for critical events requires business resiliency (BR) and business continuity (BC) professionals to account for all aspects of emergency communications.

In this webinar, Gertie Knox offers insights on key facets of emergency communications, including:

  • Gaining employee buy-in for mass notification systems to ensure they are used widely and effectively
  • Defining who is authorized to manage and send notifications and training them on how to effectively use the system to avoid errors and confusion
  • Accounting for the positive and negative aspects of social media as part of emergency communications
  • Testing the system frequently enough to analyze participation and engagement rates
  • Leveraging automation in creating and distributing notifications

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Watch the Webinar