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Period of Adjustment After Shutdown: A Question and Answer Session with Kathy Carl

We can see the country slowly returning to work.

It will still take time to ready your offices before your teams return, and during the months that follow. For some companies—like OnSolve—who were in part working from home before the lockdown, the transition will be relatively smooth. For others, where the lockdown was a complete life and work disruption, there will be anxiety and concern.

But whether you’re used to it or not, there’s still much to be done and many preparations to be made. There will be much care, concern and compassion needed to support everyone in your workforce as they readjust to “work as it was.” We asked Kathy Carl, our Chief Human Resources Officer, to share some thoughts with us on adjusting in a recent question and answer session.

Topics include:

  • Importance and priority of safety
  • Accommodating employees who have special needs
  • Steps we’re taking to sanitize our workplaces
  • Symptom monitoring options

Our conversation with Kathy about these issues offers good guidance on many of the things you need to do to prepare for the return and to keep employees safe once they’re back.

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