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Predictive Insights – Looking for Clues in Advance of a Crisis

It’s important for crisis professionals to not only think through their most immediate use case but to be predictive where possible about future needs.

Organizations achieve this goal through the analysis of the organization’s overall growth strategy. In a crisis, through the combination of leveraging technology, tools, expertise of analytics, and identifying behaviors of concern, we can respond to the crisis while keeping the organization’s goal of resiliency in mind; we not only aid in critical decision support in times of crisis, we may be able to foretell and prevent a crisis altogether.

The answer to keeping our employees and others safe lies in preventing a deadly event from occurring. It is the job of every responsible leader to try and prevent acts of violence.

In this 45-minute webinar, Ann Pickren, President of OnSolve (the market leader in delivering critical notifications and alerts) and Jim Satterfield, CEO of Firestorm (America’s Crisis Coach), discuss how you can work toward eliminating crisis surprise, disaster denial, and self-deception by using technology and analysis to identify potential violent issues before they evolve into crisis.

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