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Returning to Study Abroad – Travel Risk Management in our (Not So) New Normal

As vaccine availability increases and more countries announce their opening to fully vaccinated travelers, the full return to study abroad is an important conversation for many institutions of higher education. But understanding when – and how – to return to study abroad in a world where things are constantly changing and ever-evolving is just as critical.

Managing risk should be at the core of any return to travel discussion for institutions of higher education. Is your institution prepared to keep students, faculty, and staff safe, healthy, and well informed throughout their journey?

Join Matt Bradley, OnSolve Vice President of Global Security Solutions, and Ben Longworth, On Call International Head of Global Security Services, for this informative on-demand webinar.   

They discuss questions such as:

  1. What are the key components of a travel risk management program for institutions of higher education?
  2. What should higher education institutions consider when evaluating a new risk management program (or strengthening an existing one) in today’s evolving travel climate?
  3. How can institutions effectively prepare for a medical or security incident abroad and what can they expect from their assistance provider?
  4. How have travel assistance operations changed in the past year and a half? What do you expect to see during the first and second half of 2022?

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