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Risk Management For Today’s Organizations: Minimizing Risk with Emergency Mass Notification Systems

Modern organizations face increasing risks and evolving threats.

From severe weather events and natural disasters to cyber-attacks, active shooters, and more, these ever-changing and growing risks demand that enterprises become even more vigilant and resilient.

Communication is an essential component in reducing the overall impact of natural and human-made emergencies. Emergency mass notification systems have proven to be a reliable and simple solution when lives and property are at stake.

In this webinar, Ann Pickren, President at OnSolve, will discuss how to:

  • Address how EMNS can help in overall risk management initiatives
  • Utilize communication tools during incidents
  • Improve your bottom-line with EMNS
  • Build a solid emergency communication plan
  • Apply your communication strategy to real-world examples

Clear, consistent communication during a critical event is the difference between chaos and clarity. Download the webinar today.

View the Webinar