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Things You Didn’t Know a Mass Notification Service Could Do

Mass or emergency notification services have grown into must-have communication tools for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Yet, many organizations still rely on outdated communication methods for alerting and mobilizing employees. Or, companies only scratch the surface of their mass notification system's full capabilities.

In this OnSolve eBook, we’ll examine six powerful mass notification functions that often go overlooked.

You will learn:

  • Message escalations: what they are and why they're important
  • How to get employees to keep their contact data up-to-date
  • How to add notification capabilities to other third-party software
  • Options for alerting people on their desktop screens, and more

Whether experienced in mass notification technology, or just beginning to explore its benefits, don't miss this helpful and informative resource from the worldwide leaders in critical communications.

Article Cover Things You Didn't Know a Mass Notification Service Could Do
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