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Tornado Emergencies – Get the ROI You Need From Mass Notification

Tornado drills, training, sirens and other preparedness tactics are crucial to the safety of residents in tornado-prone regions. Tornados can happen at any time of the year, making them of major concern for government agencies across the country.

So where do mass notifications come into play?

The truth is, taking important steps before any type of emergency occurs can significantly improve response rates and team activations when things get real. Investing in communication tools benefits your community as well as internal teams that need up-to-date information to get to safety and get the job done.

Join OnSolve’s Troy Harper and Don Hall for an informative discussion and webinar presentation, ‘Tornado Emergencies – Get the ROI You Need From Mass Notification.’

Both Troy and Don have extensive experience consulting with various organizations to coordinate EOCs during emergency events.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Crucial roles and team activations needed for tornado response
  • How to activate teams effectively with notification
  • Marketing your communication strategies
  • Getting true ROI from your mass notifications
  • And much more!

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