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Webinar – It Can Happen Here – Active Shooter Events and Your Proactive Response

An active shooter event takes only minutes to occur—and it takes time for police and other first responders to arrive.

How you prepare and respond is crucial.

Send Word Now has partnered with Strategos International, a leading security training and consulting firm that has worked with over 110,000 corporate, government, education and non-profit organizations since 2002, to bring you this crucial and timely event.

Join us and Vaughn Baker, President of Strategos International, for our latest free webinar, ‘It Can Happen Here’ - Active Shooter Events and Your Proactive Response. This presentation is designed to provide an overview on the next evolution of awareness, notification, and response to active shooter events.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Overview of historical active shooter events and lessons learned
  • Behavioral pre-cursors
  • Pros and cons of securing in place vs. locking down
  • What to do when a lockdown fails
  • Rapid deployment response by law enforcement
  • And much more

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