Effective Communication Solutions for Construction Companies

Communicate information quickly and accurately to keep projects on time and on budget

Clear Information for Complex Projects

All construction projects have a tremendous number of moving parts, typically managed by one coordinating entity. Projects are often extremely complex with potential issues occurring in all stages including the planning, design, financing, regulatory compliance steps, and more. To avoid interruptions, delays and safety issues, construction companies use solutions like MIR3 and Send Word Now from OnSolve to send important information and updates before an issue occurs, or as quickly as possible following a key event.

Streamlining high-speed mass notifications across all aspects of a project is critical regardless of audience or administrator location. The use of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, such as MIR3 and Send Word Now, helps construction companies avoid costly delays and increase worker safety, no matter the scope or size of a project.

Communicating on Construction Projects of Every Size

OnSolve offers its Send Word Now and MIR3 solutions for companies of every size. Both solutions offer the most comprehensive set of mass notification tools available for keeping any audience informed and aware of critical issues related to any project. These tools easily become a key component of any emergency management, business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

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Worker safety and Project Continuity Features

  • Manage your teams, customers and multiple job sites from a single interface.
  • Communicate laborers for start-time delays, inspection notifications, workplace accidents, location of job sites, weather delays, and more.
  • Disseminate notifications directly from a tablet or smart phone over any data connection.
  • Update stakeholders with zoning and building code requirements, estimated project costs, property regulations, project timelines and more.
  • Create audience groupings based on project, role, shift, and location.
  • Remind laborers about proper safety equipment, project deadlines, industry compliance, certification requirements and site clean ups.
  • Update project managers and engineers with project timelines and important deadlines that need to be met.

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