Critical Communications for Manufacturers

Communicate safety protocols and information clearly with your stakeholders

Notifications Provides Employee Safety and Facility Security

The manufacturing industry relies on a calculated and reliable flow in production to function properly and efficiently. From producing and packaging goods, to effectively managing distribution costs and delivery, providing information delivery on any device and in every medium, is key. This type of information sharing is most easily accomplished through critical communication tools like Send Word Now and MIR3 from OnSolve.

Manufacturers also require solutions that enable them to focus on their customers, while seamlessly maintaining production levels and profitability. OnSolve partners with manufacturers of every type to ensure that customers, suppliers and partners have the necessary updates and notifications to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Efficient and Secure Business Operations

Manufacturers turn to tools like MIR3 and Send Word Now to for notify employees and the public if situations such as a breach in security or an industrial accident threaten their health and safety. In addition to threats to people and property, these businesses must manage these events successfully to avoid production and distribution delays that result in potential lost revenue and other opportunities.

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Manufacturing Specific Notification Features

  • Manage employees, customers, suppliers and multiple facilities from one single interface.
  • Internal and external updates to any audience to avoid start-time delays, supply chain disruptions, workplace accidents, product recalls, and more.
  • Disseminate notifications directly from a tablet or smart phone while mobile.
  • Target personnel in segmented lists by warehouse, role, shift, location, and more.
  • Remind employees about industry compliance requirements like open enrollment, quarterly meeting notices, safety drills and training sessions.
  • Trigger notifications about shift management, cancellations, and call backs based on production, supply workloads and employee absences.
  • Initiate business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure facility safety.

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